Paying Premiums during a Canada Post strike

With the current Canada Post service disruption, we would like to inform you of the alternate methods of payment that we offer for your convenience. Please note that it is your responsibility to ensure premiums are paid, even during a postal disruption.

  • Pre-Authorized Cheque plan (PAC) – We can arrange to withdraw your premium directly from your bank account. You can rest assured that your premium will be collected on time ensuring that your CBIA coverage remains in good standing. If you would like to set up automatic withdrawals, please complete our PAC form and email the completed form to along with a VOID sample cheque. 
  • Pay on-line or by telephone – CBIA premiums are accepted by telephone and internet banking through most major banking institutions in Canada. Our account can be accessed as CBIA / AABC. 

Please be aware that a postal strike will only impact your insurance certificates with premiums invoiced and paid by mail. If you also own insurance certificates paid by PAC, please be assured that a postal strike does not impact our ability to collect these premium payments.   

If you have any questions, please contact our Client Experience Team at 1-800-267-2242.