Guaranteed Interest

5-year Cashable GIC Account

Guaranteed interest products, also known as GICs or GIAs, earn a predetermined rate of interest for a fixed period of time and can play an important role in your financial plan.  GIC/GIAs can anchor your portfolio and lower interest risk, making your entire plan more reliable.

Our innovative 5-year Cashable GIC Account, managed by Morneau Shepell Asset & Risk Management Ltd., is a diversified portfolio of GICs with staggered, yearly maturities.  This approach is called a ladder and is designed to manage the risk of fluctuating interest rates.  As GICs mature each year, they are typically reinvested in new 5-year terms, thereby creating a so-called “ladder”.

This unique Account allows you to invest your savings in a GIC/GIA without having to commit to a maturity date.  


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