DBplus delivers on simplicity

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You’ve probably heard the expression: “A confused mind does nothing.” Well, if there’s one subject that confuses the heck out of just about everyone, it’s company pension plans. 

“When confusion creeps into any kind of long-term financial planning, people tend to shut down,” says Dawn Marchand, Chief Executive Officer of Lawyers Financial. “We wanted to offer lawyers a pension plan that’s easy to understand and easy to use. After an exhaustive search, we chose DBplus.” 

Making life easy for firms

DBplus is an established Canadian pension plan with a stellar track record of performance. The experts who manage the plan offer a turnkey solution, including an onboarding and enrolment process to get the plan up and running quickly. Then, they offer ongoing management and support that includes: 

  • Investment selection
  • Portfolio management
  • Administration
  • Risk management
  • Governance
  • Member support and communications

By handling the work and responsibility for employers, DBplus makes a defined benefit pension plan possible for firms of all sizes. 

Making life easy for employees

A defined benefit pension plan is one of the easiest ways for staff to save for retirement. They don’t have to choose investments or make predictions about the future. They simply sign up and start saving. Here’s what your team can expect: 

  • A predictable portion of their pay cheque contributed to their retirement plan
  • Matching contributions from their employer, up to 9 per cent of their annual salary
  • Expert management that takes the stress out of building an investment portfolio
  • Guaranteed and predictable retirement income for life

Knowing what income they can expect in retirement reduces employee stress and lets them focus their energy on all of life’s other demands, including work. 

The clear choice

If a confused mind does nothing, an informed mind chooses a turnkey defined benefit pension plan that delivers guaranteed income for life. 


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May 13, 2022