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Lawyers Financial is a brand of The Canadian Bar Insurance Association (CBIA). Providing a comprehensive suite of financial solutions exclusively for lawyers, their families and employees is all we do. Being not-for-profit, we measure success in satisfied clients, not dollars. No matter the situation, we can help you to be ready.


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Time is on your side

June 12, 2019
Would you be in a better financial position if you spent more time managing your finances and less time doing your job? Time is money and there is real value in outsourcing the time to plan, compare alternatives, research options, stay current on tax laws, and execute your financial plan.
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3 ways to maximize a cash windfall

June 5, 2019

It’s not unrealistic for you to ponder the possibility of a modest cash windfall in your lifetime. It could be an unusually large bonus, profit from the sale of your business, or an inheritance.

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