5 ways to outsource anxiety

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You can outsource anything these days. From virtual assistants to dog walkers, there is no shortage of ways to skip life’s dishes. So, why not outsource some of the stress you feel as a young lawyer to a team of experts already devoted to making your life easier? 

Here are five sources of stress that you can easily offload to your Lawyers Financial team

Catching up on your retirement plan 

You may have graduated a little older than your friends and it may feel like you have some catching up to do when it comes to saving for retirement. That can feel stressful. The good news is that time is still on your side and your career choice gives you a good opportunity to rapidly build a retirement portfolio. Count on Lawyers Financial to create a personalized financial plan for you and your practice that clearly lays out how you can achieve all of your goals and retire on your schedule.

Knowing what insurance to buy    

Insurance is a cost of doing business, being a lawyer, and being responsible for a family. It’s also an easy thing to put off while you worry about which type of insurance to buy, how much to get, and how to pay for it. Fortunately, Lawyers Financial offers customized insurance packages that can grow with you. For example, our unique Automatic Increase Benefit* (AIB) feature automatically increases your coverage by an amount equal to 10% of your certificate’s original face amount each year.

Finding the best deal on insurance 

Shopping for the best deal on insurance looks easy but it’s not. If your goal is to find the cheapest insurance, that’s one thing. If you are after the best combination of features for your money, it’s going to take time because insurance policies are far from equal. Fortunately, the insurance team at Lawyers Financial has taken the time to research the market, compare prices, and negotiate better-than-street rates on behalf of you and the entire Canadian legal community. So, delegate the stress of price-shopping to those who have already done the negotiations. 

Keeping your income flowing

Your ability to earn a living as a lawyer is a valuable asset that can generate millions of dollars in income over the life of your career. It only makes sense to protect that asset. There are a number of ways to ensure that your income is protected should something happen to you, including any temporary inability to perform your role as a Lawyer. Your Lawyers Financial Advisor can make it easy to understand your options and combine the benefits of Life, Critical Illness and Disability Insurance

Going solo without feeling alone 

Starting your own practice can be an anxious time. Your Lawyers Financial team is full of experts who have been through the process and helped many young professionals in your shoes. Our experience can help you make the right financial moves and open your doors with confidence, knowing we’ll be here to support you every step of the way.

We can’t promise you a stress-free life but we can promise to step up and take on the job of helping you manage the finances so you can spend more time being a great lawyer. That’s what you get when you outsource your anxiety to the financial pros. 

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October 23, 2019