Giving back as we get back to work

Give Back

Generosity is everywhere right now. Professionals, families, and businesses are raising money, donating their time, and finding new ways to uplift their communities. 

As the world slowly opens its door to new ways of doing business and sharing spaces, here are a few of the ways Lawyers and firms with available resources can lend a hand in the coming months. 

Encourage staff to volunteer

If your firm can afford the time, consider allowing employees to spend a few hours a week volunteering in their communities. This can include volunteering from home to keep everyone at a safe distance. 

Volunteer your time

Through local business improvement associations (BIAs) you may be able to host an online Q and A session for business owners struggling with legal concerns about payment, payroll or landlord/tenant issues. 

Offer flexible payment options

Make it easy for clients who may be experiencing temporary hardship to get the essential legal counsel they need. Reducing or deferring fees can go a long way to building goodwill with current clients and strengthen your reputation in the business community.  

Share your smarts

Use your social media channels to share your perspective on some of the new and unchartered work policies that are on the horizon. This could include workplace health and safety as more people stay home. Consider producing a podcast to attract new clients. 

Make cash donations

Most charities are highly effective at stretching a dollar. Food banks and clothing charities, for example, often negotiate bulk pricing and get special consideration from suppliers. Ask ahead of time if they prefer cash to merchandise. 

Pre-pay for services 

Some of your suppliers, such as cleaners and maintenance crews, may not be able to work in and around your office due to distancing guidelines. Paying them ahead of time provides them with valuable cash flow to keep their doors open. 

Amplify the need for donation

Use your social media presence to help spread the word about charities and organizations close to your heart. Your contacts trust your judgment and will welcome your thoughts on how they can help out too. 

Provide local support

Purchasing gift cards from nearby stores and restaurants is a great way to keep your local economy ticking. Focus on those places that you or your team frequented then use the cards to show your appreciation for everyone who is helping to keep your firm running. Employees working from home with children may really appreciate restaurant delivery.  

Keep up the momentum

The pandemic that began just months ago has changed how we do business and how we take care of each other. It has revealed the depth of our willingness to pull together for common good. As you incorporate new ways to share, let the firms and colleagues in your network be a constant source of inspiration. Stay connected and stay committed.


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June 3, 2020